Terms of Engagement

Terms under which you, (the “Cleaner”) provide services (the ‘Services”) to Buton Ltd. (Buton Ltd.).

1. Terms of Engagement

Buton Ltd acts as an intermediary and manages the logistics and the payments between the Cleaner and all potential Clients. The Cleaner agrees to provide her services to Buton Ltd. for a minimum period of 12 months. The cleaner agrees to provide Buton Ltd in advance with her availability and flexibility for work during the duration of this contract.

2. The Services

2.1 The Cleaner agrees to provide general cleaning and ironing services at the premises of Buton Ltd’s Clients. The Cleaner will make her services available to Buton Ltd as and when reasonably required by Buton Ltd. and/or by Buton Ltd’s Clients (or as may be agreed).

2.2 If for whatever reason the Cleaner is unable to provide her services, the Cleaner agrees to notify Buton Ltd. promptly and personally at least twenty four hours in advance (unless circumstances make this impossible). Following such event, the Cleaner must notify Buton Ltd. about her progress, intention and ability to resume Services.

2.3 The Cleaner must comply with all policies and procedures which Buton Ltd. may notify to her from time to time.

3. Fees for your Services

3.1 In consideration with the Services provided – the cleaner will receive an hourly rate mutually agreed between Buton Ltd and the cleaner upon signing an agreement.

3.2 The Cleaner’s fee may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time at Buton Ltd’s discretion.

4. Payments

4.1 All payments are made via bank into the cleaner’s bank account. The payments are made with 2 (two) weeks in arrears. Upon termination of Agreement, the arrears will be paid in full to the cleaner, given the required notice period of four weeks is kept.

5. Right to work

5.1 The Agreement is also subject to you supplying your bank details, passport, national insurance number, UTR number (if applicable), your current proof of address, references and/or P45 (if available) prior to your first day of work.

6. Your Status

6.1 The Cleaner is a self-employed person and not an employee of Buton Ltd. The Cleaner shall not be entitled to any pension, bonus or any other fringe benefits and compensations.

6.2 If the Cleaner is unable to provide Services for certain period of time due to illness, accident, holiday or any other reason, she will not be entitled to any fees or payments in respect of that period.

6.3 The Cleaner will undertake to pay duly all of the Cleaner’s taxes, national insurance contributions, and any other fees, which may be due (whether in the UK or anywhere else) in relation to payments made under this Agreement, including the Cleaner’s public liability insurance and her personal injury insurance.

7. The Cleaner’s obligations to us

7.1 The Cleaner warrants and represents to Buton Ltd that:

a) All the information the Cleaner has provided to Buton Ltd is true, accurate and complete;

b) The Cleaner is an independent contractor and has registered for the payment of income tax and national insurance.

c) The Cleaner has complied with all requirements to enable her to work lawfully in the UK.

7.2 The Cleaner agrees to provide the Services in a diligent manner and to the best of her ability and promptly and faithfully complies with and observes all lawful and proper requests for Services made by Buton Ltd or its Clients.

7.3 The Cleaner agrees during all time during the continuation of our relationship to use their best endeavour to promote the interests and maintain the reputation of Buton Ltd. and not to conduct herself in a manner that can bring Buton Ltd, its reputation or its business methods on to disrepute.

7.4 The Cleaner agrees to keep strict confidentiality and not to disclose, relate or in any other way disseminate or permit to be disclosed to any third party any information related to Buton Ltd, its clients, their families, their business, their know-how, or personal or business affairs etc., however this information may have become available to the Cleaner. For the purpose of this paragraph “confidential information” means any information or matter, which is not in the public domain or which relates to the personal or business affair of Buton Ltd. or its Clients.

7.5 The Cleaner agrees to act in faith and not to solicit or accept separate engagements with Buton Ltd’s Clients for Services as a Cleaner or otherwise. The Cleaner agrees to notify Buton Ltd. immediately if a Client attempts to make any alternative arrangements with her.

7.6 The Cleaner agrees that for a period of six calendar months after the termination date, she will not directly or not directly solicit or accept business from any person or organisation to whom they have been introduced by Buton Ltd., nor will the Cleaner recruit or attempt to recruit any other person who is or has been in a similar relationship with Buton Ltd. to work for you or for any other person or organization.

8. Termination of our relationship

8.1 The Cleaner agrees to give Buton Ltd. at least four-weeks’ notice in writing if she wishes to terminate the Agreement after twelve months. This four-weeks’ shall not include any holiday period previously notified or any period of the year when Buton Ltd. is closed for business. Buton Ltd. may also terminate the Agreement with four-weeks’ notice.

8.3 During the trial period either of the parties (the “Cleaner” or “Buton Ltd) can give

8.2 Upon signing of an agreement, the cleaner will have one week trial period. During the trial period either one of the parties can terminate the agreement without notice.

8.4 Buton Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the Agreement immediately without notice in the following circumstances:

a) If the Cleaner conducts herself in such manner, that Buton Ltd. in its sole discretion considers likely to bring the Cleaner or Buton Ltd. to disrepute;

b) Other than as a result of illness or accident, the Cleaner wilfully neglects to provide or fail to remedy any default in providing the Services;

c) The Cleaner is in material breach in any of her obligations under this Agreement.

8.5 Upon termination of the Agreement for whatever reason, the Cleaner agrees to return immediately any keys, equipment or any other items that Buton Ltd or its Clients may have provided to her.

9. Probation period

9.1 The agreement between the Cleaner and Buton Ltd is subject to probation period of one week. During this period your performance will be regularly reviewed and if you complete the period satisfactory you will be notified in writing. If during the probation period Buton Ltd is dissatisfied with your performance your agreement may be terminated by the company or the probation period may be extended by up to 2 (two) weeks for the better assessment of your performance. Please, note that during the probation period Buton Ltd. can terminate the agreement at any time by giving you written notice.

10. Data Protection

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Cleaner consents to Buton Ltd. processing and holding any personal data, relevant to the Cleaner’s engagement with Buton Ltd., including but not limited to bank, tax and insurance details, references, medical and criminal records etc.

11. General

The Cleaner shall have no authority to commit Buton Ltd. to any legal binding commitments or contracts or to interfere in the running of Buton Ltd’s affairs or business.

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