Why it is Important to Clean Your Oven

Clean oven

A dirty oven not only looks horrible but there are many practical reasons to keep it clean too. Old food stuck to the inside of your oven could be a fire hazard and may make your oven inefficient. Your food will take longer to cook and your freshly baked cakes could taste a bit funny too.

Cleaning an oven can be a tricky, time-consuming and unpleasant task involving chemicals and plenty of elbow grease but failing to clean it can cause serious problems. Take the food that inevitably gets spilt inside your oven. If it’s left there, it will burn. At the very least it will give whatever else you place in the oven an unpleasant smoky taste. Food residue carries germs and these germs can be passed on every time you use your oven. Failing to clean your oven regularly makes it easy for germs and bugs to breed in your oven and infect your meals and ultimately you and your family.

That all sounds pretty scary. 

What is the solution? It’s simple: Give your oven a proper clean. You don’t need to pay for a cleaner or buy anything fancy, just get some kitchen cleaning products from the super market shelves and this will do the trick. Aim to clean the inside of your oven every 3 months. 

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