Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Important For You to Stay Healthy

Child lying on carpet

Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens, which ultimately helps your family breathe easier and reduces the risk of colds and other health problems. As strange as it may sound, dirty carpeting can impede the airflow in your home.

Aim to clean the high-traffic carpet areas or rugs every three to six months. But to ensure your carpet gets the best treatment, hire a professional cleaner to wash them twice a year.

Your carpet is clean when the fibres of the carpet looks fresh and feel softer. You can also see that there are no stains on the carpet. It will look and feel much lighter and fluffier once it is all dried.

When was the last time you really thought about the cleanliness of your home’s carpets? If the carpet looks clean, then you probably don’t think about it too much. Even if there are stains, you may feel like you’re doing enough simply by vacuuming it weekly to pick up lint and trash.

Carpets can become a repository of allergens such as dust mites, which trigger allergic reactions. Bacteria, such as methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, can sometimes be found in your carpet as well. Mold can also easily grow in your carpet if given the chance. Once it starts to spread in the carpet, it can continue migrating throughout the home. 

Getting the carpet truly clean involves frequent vacuuming and steam cleaning to ensure that you’re enjoying a healthy lifestyle within your home.

What can you do:

  • Vacuum frequently with a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove dust mites.
  • Steam-clean the carpet using hot water 
  • Lower the humidity in your home and maintain levels below 50 percent. Excess humidity can cause dampness in your carpet, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.
  • Spray a disinfectant safe for fabrics on the carpet to kill the bacteria. 

Invest in regular cleaning to keep these allergens out and ensure that your carpet is clean. 

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